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Re-NANS: Kabiru Mohammed and the falsification of history

Re-NANS: Kabiru Mohammed and the falsification of history by Tijani Kabiru Mohammed (NANS President 1999/2000)
Intelligent Abdul Aminu Mahmud for numerous reasons I would have shot my mouth and allow this fathom falsification and self gratifying piece of your to an end, it would have mean that I am more intelligent than you, but I choose to be one.
I will try as best as possible in other not to insult your intelligent deposition on the history of NANS you distort and try to re-write at the same time.
It is also to bring to your notice that by the time you are through with reading this piece, you would have no option than to agree with me on these points of historical facts and evidences, and not on petty self gratifying boast.
I have found it as a duty to scrutinise your intelligent claims and to further expose you and your likes.
Fact One: Mahmud Abdul in his piece titled “Delusion Dino Melaye and the new activism”. Have this to say, “One point that must be made is that the President, Kabir Mohammed, whom Dino Melaye served as Personal Assistant began the decadent era of state capture that National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has not recovered from today”.
Mahmud Abdul again in his Rejoinder titled “Kabiru Mohammed and falsification on NANS” have this to say again, “The era of state capture of the National Association of Nigerian students (NANS) effectively began in 1994 with the Denis Inyang-leadersh¬ip, and the years of intense struggles waged by the progressive left students movement between 1995 and 1999 which led to the factionalisatio¬n of the organisation elicited scant respect for the reactionary movement that became increasingly active following the unbanning of the National Association of Nigerian Students late 1993”.
Let me understand your intelligent submission on your so called write ups when you made these dual assertions?
Fact Two: Right, “let’s assume Kabiru’s tenure didn’t signal the death of progressive students politics, at least his factional presidency represented a significant aspect of the decadent era of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) that began in 1994 when right-wing elements sponsored by General Abacha and actively supported by pseudo leftists and renegades of the Democratic Socialist Movement captured that organisation at its annual convention held at the Obafemi Awolowo University.” Abdul Mahmud states this.
Whether it was captured or not, the question is was there an election in OAU that ushered in Comrade Dennis Etim Inyang, from Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) in 1994 that ended the dreaded era of Stalinist to popular students activism by popular Students representations across the country to OAU Ile Ife, unlike the previous conventions that brought your likes and Comrade Nasiru Kura to power in recent years with not more than 10 institutions and you will be declare a winner.
I remember vividly the convention that brought in Nasiru Kura in 1992 was supposed to hold in BUK but was aborted and we moved to ABU Zaria to conclude the convention, most of us were on our way from Kano to Zaria when you declared Nasiru Kura President, How many Schools were there? I stand to be contradicted on this. Would your so called Stalinist group reject the June 12 election won by a business mogul Late MKO Abiola? Please try to understand that we led the revolution to democratise NANS and defeated the era of Stalinist reign as represented by you and your likes.
Fact Three: Abdul Mahmud have this to say “I was at that April 1992 Conference on the Future of Higher Education in Nigeria organised by the then Minister of Education, late Professor Babs Fafunwa at the University of Jos’’. In the same piece intelligent Mahmud Abdul have this to say again “Late 1991, shortly after my release from Kirikiri prison, I was invited by the military junta to deliver a paper at the said conference which I declined for the following reasons:
Another fathom lie by Mr Mahmud Abdul the intelligent man, Let assume you were invited by the military junta to deliver paper on the future of higher education in Nigeria and you declined, what were you doing at the April conference in Jos again? Let me ask this fundamental question 1991 or 1992 which is which in your intelligent assertions? Mr Abdul if you have declined to present a paper in Jos of what Economic or Political relevance are you made of to the younger generation ? Maybe you have benefited individually by winening, dinning and perhaps collected a stipend allowances accrued to paper presenters? Do you know if you have present a paper it could have been a road map for education in Nigeria 23 years ago, what did you achieve by going there Mr intelligent?
Fact Four: “That Olusegun Mayegun was duly recognised and invited to the high table by the representative of the same military junta that banned the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is today a testimony to the courage of that generation of student leaders and activists” Mahmud Abdul again and so what? Please, was that a struggle compared to the supreme sacrifice my dear Late Comrade Moses Oisakede NANS President (1998/1999) laid his life for Nigerian students on his way to reinstate 105 Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi expelled Students? It is on record that we told President Obasanjo to his face at the presidential villa during our courtesy visit in September 16, 1999,the demands of Nigeria students and not to his representatives as you did in 1991 or 1992 as you claimed, Oluwole babalola Moneyin aka Obesere, Steve Emelieze the then secretary general, comrade Tony Fashayo, Comrade Eze Nwagwu, comrade Mouktar Atima, the then speaker Bayero University Kano, would attest to this germane and historical struggle.
Fact Five: Mahmud quoted Victor Arokoyo here “I was never part of any deal to make you work with Dino group. I don’t know what group you are talking about…I can testify that Dino’s active participation in NANS started after the death of Moses with his appointment as ASSISTANT by the NANS Acting President, Kabiru Tijani Mohammed. I remember vividly that Dino had the largest ID ever to display his post. Dino knows himself and some of us also know him well irrespective of the attempt to reconstruct history by Kabiru,
Another, blunt lie there sir, Mr Intelligent, please ask Victor Arokoyo who was the chairman security committee of the NUGA 2001 which he chaired, that took place in ABU Zaria and who was the NANS President then, was it the Comfort Idika NANS or the reactionary Philip Shuibu and Segun Olaleye Regime of NANS? As mentioned in you last piece.
Fact Six: Abdul Mahmud again, “ Kabiru Mohammed and Dino Melaye were simply professional students; and with poor economic backgrounds they took to mercantilist students’ unionism to survive the harsh university environment. If both were freshmen in 1993, what were they still doing at the Ahmadu Bello University in 1999?”
Mr intelligent with due respect, I want to tell you categorically clear know what transpired nationally in the educational sector, you wouldn’t have made this erroneous assertions, did you remember that there was a Complete National strike of ASUU in 1993 that collapse that year academic calendar in Zaria after that a local ASUU strike again that also consumed a session, Have you also forgotten that when General Mamam Kontogora came to ABU as a sole administrator a whole academic session was cancelled? Were you not aware that I was expelled and regain my studentship after a year to the university with victor Arokoyo? Please ask the likes of Victor Arokoyo who was admitted into ABU in 1992 and when did he graduate? Mr intelligent, maybe your parents are millionaires when you were newly admitted into the University of Jos, you should also ask the likes of Victor Arokoyo, I was earning a monthly salary while in the University. You went further to list the above line up of NANS leadership as follows so called Mr intelligent.
National Association of Nigerian Students of Progressive Activists (1980/1994):
a. Tanimu Kurfi, Interim Chairman (1980/1981)
b. Chris Mamah, first elected President (1981/1982)
c. Late Chris Abashi, President ( 1982/1983)
d. Lanre Arogundade, President (1983/1984)
e. Emma Ezeazu , President (1984/1988)
f. Salihu Lukman, President (1988/1989)
g. Opeyemi Bamidele, President (1989/1990)
h. Abdul Mahmud, President (1990/1991)
i. Olusegun Mayegun, President (1992/1993)
j. Nasiru Kura, President (1993/1994)
Sir, I do not think I have issues with you on the parade of these names, but I want to ask for posterity where is Comrade Danladi Oladele the first Interim chairman by documents available to us and were tweet to your personal twitter account or was he another reactionary leader of NANS and where will comrade wushishi of Danfodio University Sokoto be inserted in the history or record of NANS.
You never stop there; you went ahead again with the following leadership traits and finally distort the history again
National Association of Nigerian Students of Reactionary faction (1994-2000):
1. Denis Inyang, President (1994/1995)
2. Baba Kasala, President (1995/1996)
3. Oludare Ogunlana, President (1997/1998)
4. Bashir Abdullahi (1997/1998)
5. Late Moses Oisakede/¬Kabiru Mohammed, Presidents (1998/2000)
National Association of Nigerian Students of Progressive faction (1994-2000):
1. Comfort Idika, President (1995/1996)
2. Ropo Ewenla, President (1996/1997)
3. Ujor Suleman, President (1997/1998)
4. Ken Henshaw, President (1998/2000).
The truth here is, you agreed with me that Comrade Dennis Etim Inyang took Over NANS Leadership from Comrade Nasiru Kura Frm Bayero University Kano at the OAU Ile- Ife in 1994 according to you version, which I concur. Please, who handed over the leadership of NANS to your Comfort Idika at the Ago-Iwoye Convention and her subsequent followers Mr intelligent? You are a lier and self gratifier of historical edifice am sorry or ARE YOU A LEARNER.
FACT Seven: Abdul Mahmud again “Finally, in 2000, both factions of the National Association of Nigerian Students were united at the Port Harcourt Unity Convention which produced the reactionary leadership of a certain Philip Shuaibu” Another cook and bull story there by intelligent Mahmud Abdul.
Mr Intelligent or what do you call yourself, open your ears and listen very attentively, No any unity convention of NANS held at Port- Harcourt, in 2000 and which of the campus?. The Unity Convention we had was in February, 2000 at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi and it was organised by my humble self and Ken Henshaw, Please stop distorting history.

Fact Eight: Mahmud on my Facebook wall “Oluwole and Tijani, please I await your responses. Let me remind Tijani that if he doesn't end his boasts, I'll release papers that connected him to LOC 99 and reports of the NANS senate meeting in Auchi in 99 where he was suspended by the Senate of NANS and his fellow "yahoo" mate, Dele, impeached. Tijani, your suspension was lifted 27th August, 1999 and 4 days later Moses died and you assumed position as acting president. Any connection to his death? Please, be warned!” Culled from Mahmud Abdul Facebook comment.
Mr Intelligent, I want you to please release the LOC 99 and NANS Senate report on my humble self and in doing that , please do not forget to also release the 27th August Senate Meeting Communiqué at FUT Akure, I challenge you that there was no any EXCOS called Dele that was impeached then, and I imagine if truly you are a good Muslim, to have connected me to the death of My Late Comrade Moses Oisakede maybe perhaps Goodluck Ebele Killed Umar Musa Yar’Adua in other to take over power, also Governor Muktar Ramalan Yero of Kaduna also killed Governor Ibrahim Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna state to become Governor, Hugo Chavez might also have been killed too by his vice to become President. It seems you are fighting almighty God the author and finisher of Live and fail to understand that a man destiny have been ordained from birth and no being can question his authority.
For posterity I will leave this leadership line up for you leisure perusals and have the full knowledge of NANS after your left two decades ago.
1. Philip Shuaibu 2000-2001
2. Segun Olaleye 2001-2002
3. Daniel Onjeh 2002-2003
4. Tony Nwoye 2003-2004
5. Kenneth Orkuma Hembe 2004-2006
6. Yinka Sadam Dada/Femi Osabinu 2006-2008
7. Bashir Babale 2008-2009
8. Ini Ememabong/Jude Imagwe 2009-2011
9. Mohammed Dauda 2011-2012
10. Yinka Gbadebo 2012-To Date
Mr Abdul Mahmud, let me leave you with a piece of advice and better still ask your informants’ to educate you more before you venture into such matter again. Thank you Mr Intelligent Mahmud Abdul Aminu.

Tijani Kabiru Mohammed
NANS President 1999/2000

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